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Characteristics of CNC Milling and What Is CNC Milling Suitable for?

Ⅰ. Features of CNC milling

1. Flexible and versatile: CNC milling machines and machining centers are suitable for processing multiple types of work pieces with different structures and shapes, and can complete drilling, boring, reaming, milling planes, milling bevels, milling grooves, milling surfaces (cams), tapping, etc.

2. High machining accuracy: CNC milling machines and machining centers have high machining accuracy, and under normal circumstances, the accuracy of the work piece can be guaranteed. In addition, CNC machining also avoids operator errors, and the size of the same batch of processed parts has good dimensional identity, which greatly improves product quality.

3. High production efficiency: CNC milling center have the functions of milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine, so that the process is highly concentrated, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the work piece clamping error. The spindle speed of the CNC milling machine is continuously variable, which is conducive to selecting the best cutting parameters. The CNC milling machine has fast forward, fast rewind and fast positioning functions, which can greatly reduce the maneuvering time.

4. It can process complex shapes: in addition to milling the surface of various parts that can be milled by ordinary milling machines, it can also mill plane curve contours and spatial surface contours that ordinary milling machines cannot mill. This is because CNC machine tools have multiple feed coordinates and the characteristics of axis linkage.

5. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator: the CNC milling machine automatically completes the processing of the parts according to the pre-programmed processing program. The operator does not need to manually perform heavy repetitions except for operating the keyboard, loading and unloading tools, work pieces, intermediate measurements and observe machine operation. It greatly reduces labor intensity.

Ⅱ. Processing content suitable for CNC milling

1. Compared with ordinary milling machines, CNC milling machines have the characteristics of high machining accuracy, complex shapes of machined parts, and wide machining range. According to the characteristics of CNC milling machines, the content suitable for CNC milling machine processing mainly includes the following categories: complex structures such as curve contours or curved surfaces: The plane curve contour of the work piece, which means that the part has internal and external contours as complex curves, and the processed surface is parallel or perpendicular to level. Generally you only need to use two coordinate linkage of the three-axis CNC milling machine to process them.

The curved surface of the work piece generally refers to the surface where the points on the surface change in three-dimensional space coordinates. It is generally designed under a mathematical model. The milling cutter and the processing surface are always in point contacts during processing. The machining of curved surface parts generally uses a three-coordinate CNC milling machine, which often requires the help of a computer to program and process.

2. The structure of work pieces that are difficult to process on ordinary milling machines: For the parts that are difficult to observe and control with a large number of sizes, marking and detection, ordinary milling machines are suitable for CNC milling machine processing, and CNC milling machine processing should be selected.

3. When processing on an ordinary milling machine, it is difficult to ensure the dimensional accuracy, shape and position accuracy and surface roughness of the work piece, and CNC milling machine should be selected for processing.

4. Parts with good consistency requirements: In mass production, because the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the CNC milling machine itself are high, it can avoid various errors caused by human factors in the processing of ordinary milling machines, so the CNC milling machine is easy to guarantee the success. The consistency of batch parts improves the machining accuracy and the quality is more stable.

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