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Air Compressed With CNC Machining

The components by ETCN services can be applied to pressure equipment and air compressors. Mainly for air tanks, oil reservoir of screw compressors with long terms of experience with different approvals. The material of air compressor for cnc machines can be brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

We are one of the most excellent cnc machining china factory of air compressor parts. We can produce most of the air compressor parts. The process includes advance CNC machining, casting, forging, sheet metal, laser, and so on. Our advantage is that we can provide customers with all kinds of parts they need through complete and advanced equipment. In terms of quality, we have a professional inspection team. 

Each batch of air compressor for cnc machines will undergo a comprehensive inspection before shipment to ensure that customers receive qualified products. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to customer-centricity, taking customer expectations as its own way forward, continuously meeting customer needs, and winning customer trust. We insist on providing customers quality products with high-quality requirements and precise and fast delivery cycles. 

Air Compressor Fixed-panel

Air compressor base panel

Air Compressor Base Panel

Laser cutting to complete the production of the blank

Laser Cutting to Complete the Production of the Blank

Precision bending forming, the angle tolerance can be controlled within 1°

Precision Bending Forming

The assembly line powder spraying can provide the corresponding coating thickness according to customer requirements.

The Assembly Line

The film thickness meter detects the thickness of the coating.

The film thickness meter detects the thickness of the coating.

The finished products are packed and waiting for shipment.



Maximum Dimensions


Surface Finished

Plating/Anodizing/Powder Spraying

Phosphating Treatment/Wire Drawing

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