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After-sale Service

When the customer is not familiar with a new request, the supplier needs to offer a professional proposal. In a certain field, supplier even needs to offer customized R&D job to solve the pre-sale and post-sale problems in case of surprise happen when the customer starts in running. ETCN has the strong technical knowledge to create and pass values. ETCN R&D service is widely offered in petroleum, smelting, food, electricity, paper, water conservancy, nuclear power, chemical, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, aerospace, shipping, transportation, winemaking, water treatment and other industries. Customized R&D service is the added value of ETCN for each customer.

Product Quality Issues

You only need to send an email to us, you can also submit service requirements online. We will contact you to arrange a service as soon as possible after receiving your email.

The Product Quantity is Missing or Fails to Arrive on Time

You can contact us at any time, we will track the logistics situation, the first time you deal with the results.

Create a Customer Profile

Establish customer files, you can communicate at any time, and make return visits to quickly solve product problems for customers.

High-quality after-sales service is our promise to you.

Service tenet: fast, accurate, thoughtful and responsible

Service goal: service quality wins customer satisfaction

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