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Advantages of Laser Cutting Equipment in the Elevator Industry

1. Short production cycle

As the demand for the length of the elevator increases, the variety, quantity and difficulty of the sheet metal parts increase, and many products need to be determined according to the needs of customers. Due to the limited weight and number of molds in the processing technology of multi-station punching machines, some large sheet metal parts need to be processed with different molds, and the mold production cycle is long to extend the entire product production cycle. If 3D laser cutting equipment is used, its advantages of flexible processing can help enterprises reduce product development costs and increase operating profits.

2. Good cutting effect

Most elevator components are decorated with stainless steel plates, and the processed lines should be smooth and flat, which is ornamental. The use of other processes will affect the surface of the workpiece, but the laser cutting equipment has no mechanical stress, does not contact the surface of the workpiece, and avoids deformation during the cutting process. This not only improves the quality of the elevator, reduces production costs, but also improves the market competitiveness of enterprises.

3. High processing flexibility

With the changes of the times, people's aesthetic level is getting higher and higher, and the styles of products are also increasing. The number of styles increases, but the quantity does not decrease, which cannot be achieved by using other processing methods. Three-dimensional laser cutting equipment is an automatic and intelligent processing machine, which can flexibly deal with various three-dimensional workpiece processing. The three-dimensional laser cutting equipment greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff and standardizes the production and processing process.

For safety reasons, the current elevator parts are basically made of metal materials. Manufacturers of major elevator companies have also realized that only by increasing the processing speed can they respond to various production tasks flexibly and increase production capacity. However, 3D laser cutting technology has the advantages of stable performance and smooth operation, and can meet the cutting needs of various metal sheets such as carbon steel and stainless steel. It is advisable to use it to process elevator components.

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